Hadoop As A Service

Hadoop as a service. At datafined we help our clients to analyze large sets of unstructured data. We use the Hadoop open source programming language that requires a special set of skills that most organizations don’t have internally and that’s where we come on-board. We also integrate proprietary programs alongside the Hadoop framework thus making it easier for our clients to use. We offer a wide variety of features and support that include:

  • Hadoop framework deployment and support
  • Data transfer between clusters
  • Dynamic programming languages


Data Wrangling As A Service

Data Wrangling as a service. At datafined we help you save time and resources by preparing dynamic data using machine learning to provide a profound user experience. We help you join together disparate data sources and clean messy data. This reduces the end-to-end reporting time so that we can quickly derive value from unstructured data sets.

Datafined prides itself in being a world class data science and cyber-security agile startup that deploys data science in the cyber-security industry. We deploy proprietary algorithms and deterministic data sets that enable us to provide actionable consumer financial data. We’re also able to establish a customer feedback loop that ensures accuracy of the data that we provide to our clients with collaborative, scalable, and impactful features that provide mechanism for back-testing.